Elger Aragundi

Reinventing the color blue

I am a visual artist who has reinvented the color blue through abstraction and minimalism. I make graphic images, altered photograph, design and jewelry. My first book, azul, about my painting was published in 2006. I am currently working on my trilogy entitled 100% Blue, and published the first in the series, Whites, in April, 2011. To me, art is fundamental to life and creation opens new pathways to expression and experimentation.

I seek transcendence through my work and aspire to leave a mark on the world. Painting, photography and writing work together to acknowledge freedom. I seek to leave the world of theory and structure and abandon the habits that produce repetition.

His painting and photo-painting

New ways to show feeling

An abundant production of painting and photographs is loose and creative. This innovative artist Elger Aragundi is curious and energetic. Through constant confrontation with traditional norms, he finds news pathways and produces work of extraordinary intimacy. His first book azul presents a series of paintings defined by an insatiable search for the complexities of form and color in the position to push to the foreground his emotions, dreams and worldview.

In his next book, Whites, another elegant and carefully edited collection, the artist presents and truly coherent conceptual collection. While the first book portrays a broad menu of symbolic elements and touches upon an abundance of spiritual and lyrical themes, the second book rifts on the lyrical themes with photo-paintings of mostly naked women. This move represents a new esthetic model for the author which plays out on the female form. The photo-paintings are beautifully done and expertly augmented with the brush to created a unique photo-painting genre.

Elger has therefore positioned himself in the national and international art scene as a successful artist in both the field of painting and photography. It remains to be seen which medium becomes more prominent in his future work and, given his proclivity to experiment with new forms, both may be subsumed or replaced by yet another yet-to-be-determined medium.